Most engagements are expected to begin with an analysis of your needs, pain points, and goals leading to a statement of work that is unique to your organization.

Product Development Services

  • Strategy development
  • Fractional CTO, or technical advisory
  • Platform and marketplace analysis focused on new product validation
  • Establishment of incubation and internal innovation programs
  • Analysis of potential new markets, and application of existing solutions to new markets
  • Market and customer research to identify potential market opportunities
  • Product roadmap development
  • Business and technology strategy alignment

Transformational Services

  • Establishing a modern software development practice
  • Process modernization
  • Software team investment strategy
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Scaling existing teams in a hybrid/distributed environment
  • Interim or fractional leadership to see you through the most difficult decisions

M&A / Transaction Services

  • Technical analysis of complex products, including completeness, flexibility, extensibility, etc.
  • Architecture and implementation review.
  • Experienced operator’s view of the technology team, IP, and software development process.
  • Key team member identification, who is actually keeping the ship afloat.
  • Validation of forward-looking technical plans for feasibility and achievability.
  • Staff, team, and organizational structure analysis.
  • Transaction support to translate the technical into understandable and actionable intelligence.
  • A multi-disciplinary view that includes competitive analysis, platform dynamics, and market positioning in the larger ecosystem.
  • Transformation planning for post-acquisition readiness.
  • Identification of post-transaction risk and critical areas to plan for ahead of time.
  • Identification of high-risk components or dependencies that might prevent the successful implementation of the strategy.
  • Interim technology leadership functions are possible.